Student Instruments
Quite a number of years ago musician parents asked us if we could find something better than the usual instruments available to rent.  That was the beginning of the Moes & Moes Rental Program. 

We select instruments that we can modify if need be to get a very good sound and easy response.  Every instrument gets a professional set-up from us personally.  That means doing the fingerboard and nut, cutting a bridge and adjusting the sound post.

Teachers & Parents Love Our Instruments!
These instruments are easy and rewarding to play allowing students of all ages to progress as swiftly as possible with their music studies.

Our rental agreement guarantees the price for the year, but can be cancelled at any time.  Students can trade up in size at any time by simply switching instruments.

Call or E-mail us for availability and prices.

Violin Sizes          1/16 --- 4/4

Viola Sizes           ¾, 14” --- 16 1/2 “

Cellos                  All sizes   (no cellos available at the moment in the USA)
We sell cellos rather than rent them, but buy them back when they are returned in good shape.

Für Schüler:
Vor einigen Jahren hat ein Musiker uns gefragt, ob wir nicht für sein Kind etwas besseres finden könnten , als die üblichen Mietinstrumente.  Das war der Anfang des Moes & Moes Mietprogramms.


"This violin won the highest award on JUGEND MUSIZIERT - thank you very much !..."
Dez. 08